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Western Skies Argo first began in 2016, but its roots go back 20 years! In many ways, Western Skies started out as a solution to a problem. As long-time Argo riders and owners, Rex and Gary both saw a need for an Argo dealer in the Ogden area. With no Argo dealer nearby, when there was a repair that had to be made or servicing needed on their Argo, they would have to diagnose the issue and repair it on their own. This not only built great experience, but provided a strong base of understanding of the unique challenges issues faced by Argo owners – because they’ve been there too!

Built on a passion for Argo and learning to service and repair their own units, Rex and Gary decided to build Western Skies Argo as a means to help other Argo owners – both current and future owners. With extensive work background in the machine manufacturing business, Western Skies Argo can fully service an Argo with small turnaround times because parts are made right here instead of being ordered in. Argo is an excellent unit to have, whether for accessing your cabin in hard-to-reach areas and seasons, going out on a hunting trip, or needing it to help with heavy transporting of goods from point A to B, Argo is the brand to rely on.

With this innovative spirit, Rex and Gary are also proud to be the creators of the one and only Turbo Kit! Designed specifically for Argos, the Turbo Kit lets you double the horsepower of your unit at any elevation. The city of Ogden is located approximately 4,300ft above sea level, but nearby areas reach elevations of 10,000 ft. above sea level. With machines being built at sea level, we know they run much differently at high elevations. With the Turbo Kit, your Argo won’t feel the difference even if you are thousands of feet higher. Argo is built to go anywhere – and with the turbo kit, you can go anywhere…faster!

We’re excited about the future of both Argo and Western Skies Argo! Construction has started on our new building (set to open in fall 2019), and we’re looking forward to having many new opportunities to welcome customers with a full-sized, top-of-the-line service center, a beautiful new showroom, and of course, with the personal service you’ve come to expect at Western Skies Argo!

Meet the Team

Our staff is ready to make your visit an enjoyable and successful trip! From our sales staff to our service department, you’ll be listened to and well taken care of!

Gary Greenwell


Rex Whitaker


Cee Barnes

Head Technician

Tommy Harper


The ARGO conquers land, sea, and mud with equal enthusiasm and is the ultimate hunting chariot. It truly makes the impossible, a reality.

Jase RobertsonDuck Dynasty

The best way to hunt for shed horns, is with my Argo. It also gives me easy access to my cabin with my family

K.C. DayArgo Owner

This is the only way to access my cabin during the early spring, late fall and winter!

Tom WhitakerArgo owner for 10 years

Rex and Gary,

I wanted to take a minute to thank Western Skies Argo for all of the great work that you did on my Argo. I wanted a shop that specializes in Argo’s, not one that treated them like a secondary priority or worse. Western Skies Argo has met and exceeded my every expectation!

I like to keep my equipment maintained and running in tip top shape, especially when the comfort and safety of my family is at stake. When I brought my 2011 Avenger HDI in for service, “C” took careful notes and asked all relevant questions about how the Argo was running. I never felt rushed, nor like I was being talked down to even though my mechanical knowledge is limited. Throughout the work I was kept informed of progress and I never felt like my time wasn’t being respected. When discussing the possibility of some more significant repairs, I never felt pressured and I felt well informed of the pros and cons of moving forward.

The result of your work has given me a completely different performing machine. I’m so glad that I went forward with the clutch and engine work that you recommended as my Argo runs stronger, cooler, and handles much better. The pictures I attached are after a big snow storm at our cabin this weekend. One might have been worried seeing their ride home buried under 3 feet of snow, but our newly tuned Argo got us out without any trouble at all. The RZR’s on tracks were waiting for us to go by so they could follow our path and stop getting stuck!

Thanks again for all of your great work. I look forward to many years working with you to keep my Argo running great!

Carl RicheyWestern Skies Customer